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Duck Baker - Encyclopedia of Irish and American Fiddle Tunes

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Hersteller: Mel Bay
Encyclopedia of Irish and American Fiddle Tunes (Book/CD Set) for Fingerstyle Guitar 98545BCD by Duck Baker

This volume is intended as a folio of arrangements from the repertoire of a working musician. As such, there is only a minimum of discussion about the technical aspects of playing. Students who have already dealt with the American style called fingerpicking or fingerstyle guitar, which is quite distinct from other kinds of guitar playing, will be at an advantage. The easiest arrangements here are early intermediate level, while the other end of the scale includes pieces that may challenge even a professional. Tunes within each section are presented generally in order of difficulty. The bulk of the tunes presented are fiddle tunes, with a couple of banjo tunes and several songs as well as tunes originally played on other instruments such as harp, pipes, or accordion. There are even a small number composed for the guitar. For the most part, differences in approach among the tunes here are unrelated to the instrumental sources. All the tunes are presented in notation and tablature.


Angelina Baker      
Banish Misfortune      
Blackberry Blossom      
Boyne Water      
Buffalo Gals      
Captain Rock      
Catholic Bill's      
Child of My Heart      
Fisher's Hornpipe      
Galway Bay      
Haste to the Wedding      
Hop High Ladies      
Huggerth the Puss      
Jeff Davis      
John O'Dwyer of the Glen      
Johnny the Blacksmith      
Joy of My Life      
June Apple      
Little Beggar Man      
Little Brown Jug      
Market Girls      
Miss Forbes' Farewell      
My Darling Asleep      
My Heart Belongs to Jenny      
No Love      
Oliver Goldsmith's Lament      
Over the Waterfall      
Paddy Now Won't You Be Easy      
Pappy Taylor's Hornpipe      
Peacock Rag      
Planxty Sweeney      
Poll Ha'penny      
Polly Put the Kettle On      
Ragtime Annie      
Rakish Paddy      
Ramble Over Stennis      
Rattlin' Roarin' Willie      
Robinson County      
Roll Her In the Rushes      
Salt Creek      
Same Time Today      
Sandy River Belle      
Sergeant Early's Dream      
Spanish Cloak      
Tasha's Cakes      
The Banks of Lough Gowna      
The Blackbird and the Thrush      
The Boys of Blue Hill      
The Butterfly      
The Cuckoo's Nest      
The Dodder Bank      
The Drunken Wagoner      
The Exile's Jig      
The Flowers of Belfast      
The Galtee Hunt      
The Gower      
The Humors of Tullycreen      
The Keel Row      
The Maids of Mitchelstown      
The Oak and the Willow      
The Plains of Boyle      
The Rakes of Waterloo      
The Road to Richmond      
The South Wind      
The Tailor's Thimble      
The Tar Road to Sligo      
The Trip to Durrow      
The Witch of the Glen      
Top It Off      
Tucker's Barn      
Whistling Rufus      
Wink the Other Eye

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