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Glen Hansard: Guitar Songbook

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Hersteller: Alfred
Guitar Tab Edition
Series: Guitar Songbook
Category: Guitar Personality
Format: Book
Instrument: Guitar
Version: Guitar TAB Edition

Academy Award-winning songwriter Glen Hansard has wowed the world through the years with his artistic output, including his role in Once, The Swell Season, The Frames, and, starting in 2012, his solo material. This guitar TAB songbook chronicles the best of Hansard's music and draws from all of those periods.


Back Broke (from "Strict Joy")  
Drown Out (from "The Swell Season")  
Falling Slowly (from "Once soundtrack")  
High Hope (from "Rhythm and Repose")  
Lay Me Down (from "For the Birds")  
Love Don't Leave Me Waiting (from "Rhythm and Repose")  
Low Rising (from "Strict Joy")  
Maybe Not Tonight (from "Rhythm and Repose")  
The Moon (from "The Swell Season")  
Red Chord (from "Fitzcarraldo")  
Song of Good Hope (from "Rhythm and Repose")  
Star Star** (from "Dance the Devil…")  
Talking with the Wolves (from "Rhythm and Repose")  
This Gift (from "Rhythm and Repose (Deluxe Edition)")  
What Are We Gonna Do (from "Rhythm and Repose")  
What Happens When the Heart Just Stops (from "For the Birds")  
You Will Become (from "Rhythm and Repose")  

Your Face (from "Fitzcarraldo")

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