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Darol Anger - Mr Sun CD - The People need Light

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the long-awaited official CD of Mr Sun!
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Darol Anger: Fiddle
Joe K. Walsh: Mandolin
Grant Gordy: Guitar
Ethan Jodziewicz: string bass

The People Need Light

What does it mean to inhabit American String Music, rather than re-invent it? Can we say we are innovating when we each simply play from a powerfully personal point of view? Does the inter-ensemble hebephrenic cross-explication of dominant structures imply a musico-cultural guffaw at diatonic modality? Does anyone care that an inter-generational acoustic string band can deploy every musical trope of the 20th century at the same time?
What the heck am I blithering about, anyway? I'm coming around to the idea that there are no real music genres as such, only human beings who emanate musical presences of varying power, in unique combinations. This group of souls is one of the most generous, sparkiest and most engaging musical combinations I've ever had the honor to be a part of; to the point that I'm willing to end a clause with a preposition, and a sentence with an expostulation… dang!

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