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Woodshop Darol Anger & Mike Marshall

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Ein Meisterwerk!

Much of this recording was conceived as a twenty- year update and progression of the Duo\'s masterpiece, CHIAROSCURO, released on Windham Hill Records in 1985, which amazingly, sold over 65,000 copies worldwide over a 5 year period. As we have both learned so much about life and music since then, we hoped to extrapolate on what became a lot of peoples\' favorite instrumental recording. We wanted to make a musical "message from the frontier" that would reflect our present emotional, intellectual and spritual selves.

Again, we have purposely created highly structured works, which would be difficult ( but not impossible ) to perform live. Again, we tried not to get too hung up on perfection but to communicate a vibe. And again, we wanted to showcase the glorious sound of our string instruments playing music in a space "bug enough to do it in."

Adapted from the liner notes by Darol Anger

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