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Froggy Bottom (USA) H12 Deluxe (2012) near mint

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Froggy Bottom (USA) H12 Deluxe (2012)

Bastogne Walnut/Adirondack - near mint condition

Nur leichteste Spielspuren vorhanden.

Absolut ausgeglichen und unbeschreiblich kraftvoll! Sagenhafte Qualität!


Responsive to the touch, with a rich and complex voice, the H12 has been Froggy Bottom Guitar's best-selling design for over 20 years. Small enough to be really comfortable, but with volume and tone that will surprise and delight you, the H-12 is an excellent choice for finger-style guitarists.

bound headstock, Paua abalone rosette and backstripe, and curly maple heelgrafts.

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