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Thijs van der Harst (NL) No 086-Maccaferri soundbox - Demo Modell

Brutto-Verkaufspreis: 3750,00 €
MwSt.-Betrag: 598,74 €
Hersteller: Thijs van der Harst

This guitar has the internal extra soundbox as designed by Maccaferri.

This one is a Demo Guitar in mint condition!

No 086

Scale 674mm   Top European Spruce
Frets 22+2   Sides&Back Laminated-outer veneer on mahogany
Fingerboard width
0th fret-12th fret
45-58mm   Fingerboard Ebony
Stringspacing bridge 58mm   Neck&Headstock Walnut
Overall length 1000mm   Tuners Schaller
Bodylength 470mm   Tailpiece Miller/CH
Bodywidth 400-290mm   Finish KTM-SV
Bodydepth 102-92mm

Basically, the internal resonator is a small body inside the regular guitar body. It is glued to the top, all around the edges, and just hangs inside the outer box of the body.

The sound leaves the resonator through an opening in the side of the resonator closest to the soundhole, and is directed, or reflected, out the soundhole by a curved wooden surface, sort of a chute or shield attached to the back brace directly inside the soundhole. The "floor" of the resonator lies just above the actual back of the guitar, and the resonator walls rest just clear of the sides of the guitar.

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