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La Canada " Modell 115' in Fichte/Granadillo

Brutto-Verkaufspreis: 2495,00 €
MwSt.-Betrag: 398,36 €
Hersteller: La Canada

This is a full-sized Torres model with standard string length and basic proportions resembling many modern instruments built today. Like Model 17, it also boasts a lightweight build, making it a very agile and active guitar under the fingertips. It has a deep, dark voice - very Spanish in character – making this an especially great guitar for playing 19th and 20th century Spanish repertoire.

The "Model 115" is based largely on an 1888 Torres - the 115th guitar built during his second epoch - the original instrument was for many years the primary concert guitar of Mathilde Ruiz (first wife of Emilio Pujol) and after her death, of Pujol himself.

Typ: Klassikgitarre
Decke: Fichte massiv
Boden/Zargen: Granadillo massiv
Griffbrett: Ebenholz
Hals: Cedro
Breite am Sattel: 52mm
Mensur: 650mm
Oberfläche: Schellack – Politur
Steg: Ziricote massiv
Kopfplatte: Ziricote massiv
Mechanik: De Jonge
Herkunft: China
inkl. Koffer
Saiten: Pepe Romero „PEPE SR"

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