Scott Reed: Getting Into Guitar Styles (incl. CD)

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Getting Into Guitar Styles is the guitarist's guide to playing different musical styles. The styles that are covered include Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, R & B, Latin, Reggae, Fingerstyle, and Classical as well as different styles of Jazz such as Traditional Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, and Fusion. The musical elements and techniques that are used in different styles of music are looked at. The book not only looks at and demonstrates different musical styles, but in the process it shows the practical application of scales and other musical elements. Many of the examples on the companion CD are played with the written guitar part and also without the written part so you can play the written part with the rhythm tracks or improvise your own part. The book has standard notation and tablature as well as fingerboard diagrams. The companion audio CD is included.



Blues soloing - Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Classic Rock, Heavy Rock
Rock Techniques
Rock Rhythm Playing

Country, Country Rock, and Bluegrass
Traditional Country and Country Rock Soloing
Double Leads
Bluegrass Soloing
Country, Country Rock, and Bluegrass Rhythm Playing

Funk and Rhythm & Blues
R & B Fills and Lead Lines
Funk Soloing
R & B and Funk Rhythm Playing

Latin Soloing
Latin Rhythm Playing

Reggae and Ska
Reggae and Ska Rhythm Playing

Jazz Soloing - ii - V, Jazz Blues, Traditional Jazz, Minor Key Jazz,
Jazz Bossa Nova, Contemporary Jazz, Fusion
Melodic Patterns
Playing Over Altered Dominant Chords
Chord Melody
Jazz Rhythm Playing

Fingerstyle and Folk
Fingerstyle Patterns, Travis Picking, and Solo Fingerstyle
Folk Strumming


Single Line Studies, Arpeggio Studies, and Solo Arrangements