Steve Kaufmann: Flatpicking - the Rags and Polkas (incl. CD)

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Steve Kaufmann: Flatpicking - the Rags and Polkas (incl. CD) plus other 3,4 and 5 part tunes. MB99780BCD.

This is a brilliant collection of ten favorites arranged for flatpicking guitar from top to bottom by three-time National Flatpicking Champion Steve Kaufman, with some tunes running 10 to 12 pages. These extensive and exciting arrangements are designed for the intermediate through advanced student who is looking for a real challenge. Performance of this type of tune will increase your awareness of concentration and build your stamina. Flatpickers generally play a two-part tune or AABB tune. These tunes are AA BB AA CC AA DD AA and possibly with an EE AA section. These electrifying arrangements will soon become favorites of yours and those around you through Steve's clear and precise arrangement notes and comprehensive text.


Introduction - Understanding the Notes and Tablature System - CD References and Markers - Bethena - Black and White Rag - Clarinet Polka - East Tennessee Rag - Jesse Polka - Lady's Fancy - The Lime Rock - Maple Leaf Rag - Temptation Rag - Tico Taco No Fuba - The Songs - Explanation of the Difficult Passages - Steve Kaufman's Discography - About the Author