Joseph Weidlich: Frank Converse's Banjo Instructor - More Minstrel Banjo

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This is the second book in a 3-part series of intabulations of music for the minstrel (Civil War-era) banjo. This particular book of banjo music comes from Frank Converse's Banjo Instructor, Without a Master from 1865. It includes a choice collection of banjo solos, jigs, songs, reels, walk arounds, etc. in tab, progressively arranged and plainly explained, enabling the learner to become a proficient banjoist without the aid of a teacher. This reprint features modern explanations, performance notes and transcriptions by Joseph Weidlich.

Bee Gum Reel
Boston Jig
Brighton Jig
Bully For You
Butler's Jig
Calabash Dance
Callowhill Jig
Cane Brake Reel
Coon Hunt Walk Around
Cotton Pod Walk Around
Hyde's favorite
It Will Never Do To Gib It Up So
Lanagan's Ball
Luke West's Walk Around
Matt Peel's Walk Around
My Love Is But A Lassie
O'Flarharty's Wake
Oh Susanna
Oh! Susanna
Operatic Jig
Original Essence of Old Virginny
Rattlesnake Jig
Rumsey's Jig
The Boatman's Dance
the Charcoal Man
Union Cockade
Walk Into The Parlour
Whole Hog Or None
Yankee Doodle