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Antonio Lauro: Works for Guitar Vol. 7

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Nelly, Ana Florencia, Petronila

Antonio Lauro is one of the most famous composers to come from Venezuela. He has written many works for orchestra, piano, choir, harpsichord, and guitar. He is most well-known for his guitar works, this being his main instrument. The pieces represented in these guitar works are for players at a beginner-intermediate level, and in standard notation only. Continuing the 19th Century tradition of other composers of Venezuelan waltzes, Lauro named many of his pieces after people or places. "Nelly" is a gaita, a dance from the region of Maracaibo in the west of Venezuela and is dedicated to a friend of Lauro.

  • Nelly  Performed by Antonio Lauro
  • Ana Florencia  Performed by Antonio Lauro
  • Petronila  Performed by Antonio Lauro


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