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Dan Gelo: Fiddle Tunes & Irish Music for Mandolin (incl. CD)

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  • March Of The King Of Leix
  • Old Mother Flanagan (Not On Cd)
  • The Mooncoin Jig (Not On Cd)
  • The Skye Boat Song
  • Cowboy Waltz (Not On Cd)
  • Spotted Pony (Not On Cd)
  • Weavin\' Way (Not On Cd)
  • O\'donnell\'s Hornpipe
  • Harvest Home
  • Boys Of Blue Hill (Not On Cd)
  • Hop High Ladies (Not On Cd)
  • Rosin The Beau
  • Tom Billy\'s Jig
  • College Groves
  • Fox Hunter\'s Jig (Not On Cd)
  • Jockey To The Fair
  • Limerock (Not On Cd)
  • Off She Goes (Not On Cd)
  • St. Anne\'s Reel (Not On Cd)
  • Texas Gales (Not On Cd)
  • The Blackthorn Stick (Not On Cd)
  • Timour The Tartar
  • Green Crow The Rushes-O (Not On Cd)
  • Jaybird (Not On Cd)
  • Texas Quickstep (Not On Cd)
  • The Mooncoin Reel (Not On Cd)
  • Brian Boru\'s March
  • The Newlywed\'s Reel (Not On Cd)
  • Boston Boy (Not On The Cd)
  • Over The Waterfall (Not On Cd)
  • Richmond
  • The Banks Of Red Roses (Not On Cd)
  • The Trip To Durrow (Not On Cd)
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Bumper Squire Jones (Not On Cd)
  • Hardiman The Fiddler
  • Tobin\'s Jig (Not On Cd)
  • College Hornpipe
  • Forked Deer (Not On Cd)
  • Greenfields Of America
  • Stirling Castle
  • Byrne\'s Hornpipe (Not On Cd)
  • Ladies On The Steamboat (Not On Cd)
  • Moloney\'s Wife (Not On Cd)
  • Pigtown Fling (Not On Cd)
  • The Handsome Cabin Boy (Not On Cd)
  • Collier\'s Reel (Not On Cd)
  • Lark In The Morning (Not On Cd)
  • Mullingar Races (Not On Cd)
  • Nancy (Not On Cd)
  • Rabbit In The Pea Patch (Not On Cd)
  • The Huntsman\'s Hornpipe (Not On Cd)
  • The Star Of County Down (Not On Cd)
  • Toss The Feathers #1 (Not On Cd)
  • Toss The Feathers #2 (Not On Cd)
  • Dusty Miller (Not On Cd)
  • The Fisherman\'s Hornpipe (Not On Cd)
  • The Rambling Pitchfork
  • Thompson\'s Reel (Not On Cd)
  • Too Young To Marry (Not On Cd)
  • Un Homme Marie (Not On Cd)
  • Thompson\'s Jig


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Thompson Guitar 12 fret Dreadnought; NAG Shop; NAG Shop; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Mike & Oliver jamming in the shop!

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