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Famous Solos & Duets for the Ukulele

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Famous Solos and Duets for the Ukulele presents ukulele music as you have never seen or heard it before. An anthology of pieces selected from the earliest known methods and collections published for the ukulele between 1909 and 1920, Famous Solos and Duets is newly engraved in both standard notation and tablature and contains extensive fingering and performance instructions.

Ahi Wela       Arr. by Keoki E. Awai
Aloha O'e       Lydia Lili'uokalani Arr. by Ernest Ka'ai
Aloha Quickstep       Ernest Ka'ai
Banjo Schottische       Ernest K. Ka'ai
Ei Nei       Ernest Ka'ai Arr. by John King
El Recuerdo       Ernest Ka'ai
Funiculi-Funicola       Luigi Denza Arr. by N. B. Bailey
Haele       Ernest Ka'ai
Hawai'i Pono'i       David Kalakaua & Henri Berger Arr. by George Kia Nahaolelua
Hene       Henry Kailimai
Hone A Ka Wai       Ernest Ka'ai
Ka Wehi       Ernest Ka'ai
Lauia       Henry Kailimai Arr. by Ernest Ka'ai
Leilani       Ernest Ka'ai
Loke Lani       Ernest Ka'ai Arr. by John King
Petite Valse       V. O. & Z. M. Bickford
Polka-Mazurka       Ernest Ka'ai Arr. by Henry Kailimai
Serenade Of The Ukuleles       V. O. & Z. M. Bickford
Spanish Fandango       Henry Worrall Arr. by N. B. Bailey
The Blue Bells of Scotland       Arr. by T. H. Rollinson
Timothy at the Husking Bee       Arr. by V. O. & Z. M. Bickford
Wailana       Malie Kaleikoa Arr. by Keoki E. Awai


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