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A rare occasion to hold this wonderful Gibson 'Lloyd Loar' mandolin in my hands for a few days....

S/N: 75687

Virzi Tone No. 10168

Feb. 18 - 1924

Here are some sound clips without any effects or reverb played by Oliver Waitze:

El Morenito


Study for 2 Mandolins 

Different positions 


First stolen instrument appeared in London - Hanks Guitar Shop!

Has anybody seen this Prucha Blue Elban Banjo?

This Banjo was stolen out of my shop in 2006 along with 60 other guitars, banjos and mandolins!

this Prucha Elban banjo was seen in London at Hanks Guitar Shop (www.hanksguitarshop.com) in Denmark Street in first week of June 2007!. It disappeared and no one knows where it has been gone! Please keep your eyes open! Please email me when you have news!

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