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David Grisman & Andy Statman - NEW SHABBOS WALTZ

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Andy Statman & David Grisman

World-class musicians David Grisman and Andy Statman, reunite to further explore the passionate music of their shared Jewish heritage with New Shabbos Waltz, the long-awaited sequel to their highly acclaimed Songs of our Fathers (ACD-14).

This collection of timeless Jewish melodies runs the musical gamut of human emotion - from the ecstatic joy of "Anim Zemiros" (Song of Glory) propelled by the infectious drumming of Rock legend Hal Blaine, to the bittersweet elegance of "Oifen Pripitchick" (On the Hearth), highlighted by the lush tones of Enrique Coria\'s classic guitar. "Oifen Priptchick" and "Yerushalem Shel Zahav" (Jerusalem of Gold) were featured in the "Schindler\'s List" soundtrack, and these renditions are true instrumental masterpieces. The lighthearted title track, "New Shabbos Waltz" includes playful slide guitar work by Bob Brozman and bouncy bass playing by Samson Grisman, in contrast to the deep emotional power of "Ani Ma\'amin" (I Believe) composed by Rabbi Ezriel Fastag in a cattle car en route to the Treblinka death camp.

Andy Statman\'s hypnotic clarinet and spirited (and spiritual) mandolin combined with David Grismanís ethereal mandolin - as well as mandocello, octave banjo-mandolin and banjoguitar - take listeners to a place they have never been before, transcending cultural boundaries and speaking straight to the heart.


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