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Monteleone, John (USA) Grand Artist F-Style Mandolin (1982)

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John Monteleone (USA) Grand Artist F-style Mandolin (1982) - S/N 78

Offered on consignment sale is an exquisite John Monteleone Grand Artist F-style mandolin, serial number 78


What an amazing Mandolin by Master Luthier John Monteleone!!!!

The condition is remarkable for 38 years! Little signs of playing only. Fantastic playability and tone response!! A masterpiece and absolutely rare in this condition!

The DAWG himself checked out this mandolin in 1982!! Also Sam Bush!!

New frets, Waverly Tuners


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John Monteleone's mandolins (and mandolin-family instruments) have acheived Grail-level status amongst modern luthiers;.

With the coalescence of design, craftsmanship and tone production inherent in this mandolin, it's easy to see why.

Mike Marshall is playing a Monteleone Mandocello!

David Grisman played for long years Monteleone mandolins (see the cover of the legendary record QUINTET '80!!)


The Grand Artist model was introduced by John Monteleone in 1977. It marked a significant refinement of the Lloyd Loar era Gibson design that had been predominant for more than half a century. The Grand Artist features a body profile that was redrawn by Monteleone, but based on the traditional form of an F-model Gibson mandolin with two points on the treble side of the instrument and a scroll on the bass side. Monteleone also re-stylized the f-holes and created an abbreviated pickguard that would not cover the treble soundhole. The tailpiece and bridge also feature a complete redesign. The Grand Artist Model also features a radial fingerboard that better fits the natural curvature of a player's hands.



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