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Encore une fois d'excellentes guitares Boucher sont arrivées du Canada!

HG-26 M.

SG-22 - vendu

HG-56 BM

BG-42 G

BG-52 - vendu

Je suis très heureux de vous présenter ces excellentes guitares de Monsieur M.J. Franks (États Unis)!

Déjà prêt pour les tests chez NAG:

Custom Legacy Dreadnought avec dos et éclisses Ziricote et table en épicéa 'Bearclaw Adirondack'!

 Legacy D18 avec de l'acajou cubain à l'automne!

 Guitares Maestro de Singapour!

Rapport qualité / prix incroyable! Excellente finition et son puissant et équilibré.

Attention: très amusant !! Le test est fortement recommandé!


Nouveaux prix:

Mandoline F5 S (3690 €)

Mandoline F2 S (3690 €)

Mandoline octave archtop ATO 01 (5290 €) et ATO 02 (5490 €)

Mandoline Big Mon F (5290 €)

Spécial A5: (3890 €)

WOW! Endlich eingetroffen!

Die lang erwartete Anniversary CD von String Masters Mike Marshall & Darol Anger!

Einfach genussvoll!



The legendary Duo of Mike Marshall and Darol Anger celebrates their 41st anniversary of driving their musical backhoe through the great string traditions of the world. The Duo's persistent creativity and musical chemistry has inspired generations of string musicians all over the world during their decades of international touring.
They have released 8 influential and well-loved recordings over their history, beginning during their tenure with the David Grisman Quintet and proceeding through their years with Windham Hill, Compass, and their own label, Adventure.
Their rare concerts are always special occasions and always fresh, featuring virtuosic, humorous, and emotional improvisation in their own self-created musical language.

This newest limited-edition release, entitled Da Capo, commemorates this 41st anniversary of Mike and Darol’s musical brotherhood and is their 8th official recording, gathering up duet versions of previous ensemble originals and some brand-new compositions created to commemorate the occasion.

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