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Stanley Yates: Graded Repertoire for Guitar 1

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This new series of graded repertoire for guitar has been put together with the most attractive, stylistically comprehensive, and inspiring m realistically meeting the pedagogical needs of teachers. Students and volumes some of the most representative and attractive music of the ma instrument, both historical and contemporary, carefully selected, grad While some of this music is very well known, much of it is not to be f volume includes easy music by Aguado, Carcassi, Carolan, Carulli, Dome Koshkin, Manj=n, Martz, Morlaye, Nava, Rameau, Rak, Ribayez, Shand, So and Zenamon.


Allegro In A-Minor(Le Pappillon-`Butterflies`-Op.50, No.13) (Mauro Giuliani)
Allemande (Dance From Renaissance France) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Amazing Grace (Arr: Stanley Yates)
An Old Story (No.1 From 15 Descriptive Pieces) (Stephen Rak)
Andante In A (Antonio Nava)
Andante In A-Minor (From Op.27) (Fernando Carulli)
Andante In C, Op.35, No1 (Fernando Sor)
Andante In G (Op.241, No.5) (Fernando Carulli)
Andantino (Op. 44, No.9) (Fernando Sor)
Andantino Grazioso In C (From Op.59) (Mateo Carcassi)
Andantino In A-Minor (Op. 241, No.19) (Ferdinando Carulli)
Andantino In C(Le Papillon-`Butterflies`-Op.50, No.1) (Mauro Giuliani)
Arpeggio Study In A-Minor (Dionisio Aguado)
Arpeggio Study No. 1 In E (From Op. 59) (Matteo Carcassi)
Arpeggio Study No. 2 In A (From Op. 59) (Matteo Carcassi)
Arpeggio Study No. 3 In E-Minor (From Op. 59) (Matteo Carcassi)
Branle (Dance From Renaissance France) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Branle(2) (Dance From Renaissance France) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Chant (From 8 Discernments) (Andrew York)
Clair De Lune (No.12 From 24 Mascarades) (Nikita Koshkin)
Contredance In C (Op.121, No.10) (Fernando Carulli)
Country Dance (No.8 From 15 Descriptive Pieces) (Stephen Rak)
Etude Mecanique No. 1 (Stanley Yates)
Etude Mecanique No. 3 (Stanley Yates)
Farewell Summer (Andrew Winner)
Folksong (Stanley Yates)
Gaitas (Dance From Baroque Spain) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Gavotta From `Short Little Suite In Baroque Style` (Stanley Yates)
Giga From `Short Little Suite In Baroque Style` (Stanley Yates)
Greensleeves(What Child Is This?) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Kean O'hara (Turlough Carolan Arr: Stanley Yates)
Klangbilder (`Soundfigures`) No. 20 From 24 Klangbilder (Carlo Domeniconi)
Klangbilder (`Soundfigures`) No.24 From 24 Klangbilder (Carlo Domeniconi)
Koto (Japanese Piece) (Stanley Yates)
Le Tambourine (Jean Phillipe Rameau Arr: Stanley Yates)
Malaguena(Spanish Dance) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Minuet And Trio (Op. 21, No.12) (Mateo Carcassi)
Mode Bulgaro (Stanley Yates)
Oh Come All Ye Faithful(Adeste Fideles) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Prelude In A-Minor (From Op. 59) (Mateo Carcassi)
Prelude No. 1 In A Minor (Stanley Yates)
Prelude No. 2 In C (Stanley Yates)
Prelude No. 2 In D (From Op. 114) (Fernando Carulli)
Prelude No. 3 In G (From Op. 114) (Fernando Carulli)
Prelude No.1 In C (From Op. 114) (Fernando Carulli)
Ragtime (No.17 From 20 Jazz-Images) (Milan Tesar)
Rainy Scene (Roger Hudson)
Romance (Johann Kaspar Meretz)
Sarabanda From `Short Suite In Baroque Style` (Stanley Yates)
Short Blues (Stanley Yates)
`Dreaming`(No.3 From 20 Epigrammes) (Jaime Mirtzenbaum Zenamon)
Spagnoletta(Renaissance Dance) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Studies 14 And 16 In C (Fernando Sor/Napoleon Coste)
Study In A-Major (From Op. 100) (Ernest Shand)
Study In A-Minor (From Op. 27) (Fernando Carulli)
Study In A-Minor (Op. 60, No. 5) (Fernando Sor)
Study In C (From Op. 100) (Ernest Shand)
Study In C (Op. 60, No.13) (Fernando Sor)
Study In C (Op.60, No. 6) (Fernando Sor)
Study In E (From Op.100) (Ernest Shand)
Study No. 12 In E-Minor (Antonio Jimenez Manjon)
Study No. 22 In D (Antonio Jimenez Manjon)
Study No. 5 (Fernando Sor/Napoleon Coste)
Study No. 9 In A-Minor (Antonio Jimenez Manjon)
Taiko (Japanese Piece) (Stanley Yates)
The Banks Of Newfoundland (Arr: Roger Hudson)
The Coventry Carol (Arr: Stanley Yates)
The Parlement(Renaissance Dance) (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Tornea `La Batalla` (Arr: Stanley Yates)
Waltz In C (Op. 241, No.1) (Fernando Carulli)
Waltz In D (Op. 121, No.3) (Ferdinando Carulli)
Waltz In G (Op. 241, No.4) (Fernando Carulli)
Waltz In G (Op.121, No.2) (Fernando Carulli)
We Three Kings (Arr: Stanley Yates)


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