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Caterina Lichtenberg - Basic Techniques of Classical Mandolin DVD

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The mandolin has had a long and rich history in the world of classical music. Many composers, including Vivaldi, Beethoven and Mozart, wrote works for the instrument and its sounds can still be heard in concert halls and on recordings around the world.

The internationally-renowned classical mandolinist Caterina Lichtenberg makes the music of this beautiful, expressive instrument accessible to players at all levels. Whether you are a newcomer to the mandolin or are already adept in bluegrass, jazz, or other genres, her instructional DVD will bring new ideas, techniques and repertoire to your playing.

From the study of Greensleeves to a Bach Menuett; from Frere Jacques to Beethoven's Sonatina in C minor, there is a wealth of material here to delight and challenge you. Caterina introduces concepts and exercises that will affect pick speed and accuracy, scales, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggios, left hand fingering, harmonics and more. Her clear and engaging instruction will bring new ideas, techniques and gorgeous repertoire to all players of the instrument.


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