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Preston Thompson (USA) All Koa 0-12 fret - verkauft!

Artikelnummer: Gitarre-Thompson_002

Preston Thompson (USA) All Koa 0-12 fret Guitar - leider schon verkauft!

Serial #1262


Optisch und akustisch ein Traum!


The 12 Fret 0 model has historically been known as the "concert" sized guitar. Today most players tend to think of a 0 sized instrument as small, but for decades it was more or less a standard sized instrument. With its 13 ½" lower bout, the 12 Fret 0 is smaller than the 12 Fret 00 which measures 14 1/8" across its lower bout, but still quite a bit larger than the Size 2 Parlor, which has a 12" lower bout.

Despite it's smaller stature, the Thompson 12 Fret 0 is more than just a mid-range instrument. Amazingly, these guitars have a sound that surprises most players who may not be familiar with smaller guitars. The tone, volume, and sustain are only surpassed by their beautiful balance.

Thanks to our careful and time-tested construction and bracing techniques, these guitars are built to have warm, rich bass and sparkling trebles. Employing methods like individual hand graduation of the tops, hand-carved and scalloped bracing and thin Nitrocellulose lacquer finishes all work together to produce superior sound.


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