Boucher (CAN) Gitarren eingetroffen!


Hervorragende Boucher Gitarren aus Kanada eingetroffen!

PS-HG-166 Limited Edition

HG-26 M


HG-56 BM

BG-42 MG




M.J. Franks (USA) Gitarren ab sofort in der NAG erhältlich!


Ich bin sehr erfreut, Euch diese hervorragenden handgemachten Gitarren von M.J. Franks aus den USA anbieten zu können!

Bereits antestbereit in der NAG: Custom Legacy Dreadnought mit Boden und Zargen aus Ziricote und 'Bearclaw Adirondack' Fichtendecke!

Im Herbst erwarte ich eine Legacy D18 mit kubanischem Mahagoni!



Maestro Gitarren eingetroffen! Private Collection, Original Series & Double Top Series


Maestro Gitarren aus Singapur!

Sagenhaftes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis! Tolle Verarbeitung und kraftvoller ausgeglicher Klang.

Achtung: Hoher Spassfaktor!! Antesten unbedingt empfohlen!


WOW! Endlich eingetroffen!

Die lang erwartete Anniversary CD von String Masters Mike Marshall & Darol Anger!

Einfach genussvoll!



The legendary Duo of Mike Marshall and Darol Anger celebrates their 41st anniversary of driving their musical backhoe through the great string traditions of the world. The Duo's persistent creativity and musical chemistry has inspired generations of string musicians all over the world during their decades of international touring.
They have released 8 influential and well-loved recordings over their history, beginning during their tenure with the David Grisman Quintet and proceeding through their years with Windham Hill, Compass, and their own label, Adventure.
Their rare concerts are always special occasions and always fresh, featuring virtuosic, humorous, and emotional improvisation in their own self-created musical language.

This newest limited-edition release, entitled Da Capo, commemorates this 41st anniversary of Mike and Darol’s musical brotherhood and is their 8th official recording, gathering up duet versions of previous ensemble originals and some brand-new compositions created to commemorate the occasion.

Ab sofort 'La Canada' Klassik Gitarren in der NAG Auswahl!


La Canada



The "La Cañada" series of guitars is a collaborative effort between master luthier Edmund Blochinger and Wolfgang Jellinghaus of the "Milestones" guitars which offer a variety of period-style replica guitars of iconic makers from the 18th and 19th centuries. Blochinger has studied, measured and evaluated several original Torres instruments over the years and felt it was a great opportunity to take two of his Torres plans to Jellinghaus for the purposes of creating two unique models – one based on a first-epoch Torres (FE 17 – ex Tarrega) and the other on a second epoch Torres from 1888 (SE 115 – ex Pujol). The plantillas and structural details are considerably different from one another and offer two distinct experiences of playing a contemporary guitar built in two of the great classic, vintage styles. Hand-built to Blochinger's specifications in Jellinghaus' small facility in China, these are small-production, concert-level instruments made with select and beautiful materials, French polished finish, and offered with either "antiqued" look or "new" look. At this price point these are a great value for the serious student or concert player on a limited budget.