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Toll gemachte und klingende Bandolims vom deutschen Instrumentenbauer Hermann Graefe!




Gerade eingetroffen und antestbereit:


Eastman MD515CC/n



Eastman 515/v antique classic



Eastman MDA 315 Mandola


Sergei DeJonge Westerngitarre


Bandolims von Herman Graefe




Fantastische Westerngitarren von 

aus Kanada bereichern ab sofort das Angebot der NAG!

Nächste Woche schon treffen die ersten 2 Instrumente ein:

000 12 HG  - Heritage with Flamed Maple

SG 21 M - OM Hybrid with flamed Bubinga



La Canada



The "La Cañada" series of guitars is a collaborative effort between master luthier Edmund Blochinger and Wolfgang Jellinghaus of the "Milestones" guitars which offer a variety of period-style replica guitars of iconic makers from the 18th and 19th centuries. Blochinger has studied, measured and evaluated several original Torres instruments over the years and felt it was a great opportunity to take two of his Torres plans to Jellinghaus for the purposes of creating two unique models – one based on a first-epoch Torres (FE 17 – ex Tarrega) and the other on a second epoch Torres from 1888 (SE 115 – ex Pujol). The plantillas and structural details are considerably different from one another and offer two distinct experiences of playing a contemporary guitar built in two of the great classic, vintage styles. Hand-built to Blochinger's specifications in Jellinghaus' small facility in China, these are small-production, concert-level instruments made with select and beautiful materials, French polished finish, and offered with either "antiqued" look or "new" look. At this price point these are a great value for the serious student or concert player on a limited budget.


Treffen am 24. Mai 2018 ein!

Northfield Artist Modell & Northfield F5 S!


Northfield Artist Series

Elegantly carved from the most striking materials to produce the finest aesthetics ever found in a Northfield mandolin. The result is several dynamic variations that exhibit consistently powerful and uniquely expressive voices. Designed to work for and rigorously tested by one of the most discerning genre-hopping mandolinists of our time, Mike Marshall. "Simply put, the Northfield Artist Series mandolins are our best yet."



Erstes gestohlenes Instrument aus dem NAG Einbruch in Solingen vom 16.02.2006 wieder aufgetaucht! Herzliches Dankeschön an Adnan 'Atko' Slatina!
Er hat das Instrument unwissend vor. ca. 6 Jahren erstanden und kürzlich erfahren, dass diese 13 saitige Hans Raab Schrammelgitarre von 1899 aus meinem Laden in Solingen gestohlen wurde.

Umgehend hat er mich kontaktiert und das Instrument an mich zurückgegeben!
Was für ein toller Typ - selbstlos - ehrlich - einfach unglaublich!!!


Hier die weiteren noch vermissten Instrumente!

Bitte bei mir melden, wenn etwas auftaucht! Herzlichen Dank - Oliver Waitze - New Acoustic Gallery - Wuppertal

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