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Bach for 5 - String Banjo by John Bullard

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Bach for the Banjo is a collection of some of Bach's best-known pieces transcribed for the five-string banjo. Several pieces appear in tablature for banjo with a second part for guitar: Inventions 1, 8, 13, and 14; March; Minuet in G; Polonaise in G minor; Minuet in G minor; and Musette. Others appear in notation and tablature for solo banjo: Prelude from Partita No.III for Solo Violin; Bouree II from Suite IV for Solo Cello; Menuets I & II from Suite II for Solo Cello; Courante from Suite I for Solo Cello; Gavotte en Rondeau from Partita No.III for Solo Violin; and Prelude from Suite I for Solo Cello. Finally, Bauerntanz is offered as a banjo duet in tablature only. These transcriptions are taken from the recordings "The Classical Banjo" and "Bach on the Banjo" which take Bach's classic pieces to new heights.

Bourée II/Suite IV for Solo Cello
Courante/Suite 1 for Solo Cello
Gavotte en Rondeau/Partita No. III for Solo Violin
Invention #1
Invention #13
Invention #14
Invention #8
Menuets I & II/Suite II for Solo Cello
Minuet in G
Minuet in G Minor
Polonaise in G Minor
Prelude/Partita No. III for Solo Violin
Prelude/Suite 1 for Solo Cello


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