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Tim Kliphuis - Stephane Grappelli Gypsy Jazz

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Erste Methode zum Erlernen von Gypsy Jazz auf der Violine im Stil von Stéphane Grappelli!

This book is the first method ever for learning Gypsy Jazz Violin in the style of Stephane Grappelli. Have you, too, often listened to Grappellis solos thinking I wish I could do that, but it is way over my head? Here is the answer. Simple theory, licks and stylistic lessons point you towards your first authentic Gypsy Jazz improvisations, which you can try out with the swinging guitar-bass playalong downloadable audio rhythm section. Then prepare to tackle six classic Stephane Grappelli solos, annotated and analyzed for your understanding. To grasp the finesses of sound and timing, there are many sample licks and solos by Tim Kliphuis on the online audio as well. It is assumed the student reads music and has a basic command of the instrument.

First method ever for learning Gypsy Jazz Violin in the style of Stephane Grappelli
Theory and stylistic lessons lead up to improvisation in authentic Gypsy Jazz style
Six classic Grappelli solos fully analyzed for study and understanding
Playalong rhythm section as well as violin licks and sample solos


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