Nechville (USA)

The Heli-Mount frame, (meaning Helical Thread Mounting system) allows for easy, quick and simple adjustments, and offers the most versatility of any banjo. It has been the staple of our product line for over 30 years. The sound of a perfectly tensioned banjo head is remarkable: rich, deep, and sweet. The time spent changing the head transformed from an all afternoon event to a two minute spin.

Since that time in the late 1980's, Tom Nechville has made many other improvements to the banjo. These include an adjustable and removable neck connection that negates the need for coordinator rods. Also a compensated bridge, wooden armrest and radiused fingerboard. These are modern conveniences not traditionally found on the instrument. The result is cleaner sound and easy adjustment.

Cyclotronic System

The Cyclotronic (ball bearing) system is standard on all Nechville Heli-Mount models and has several benefits.

The system is a set of bearings and a bearing race that interface between the tone ring (wood or metal) and the wood rim. It keeps the tone ring stationary while the head is tightened. The result is a more pleasing harmonic sustain and a seamless interface that allows sound to be spread to our three ply maple ring.