Snuffy Smith New Generation Banjo Bridges (Pegged Top) .656 rad. komp.

Smith Banjo Bridge_Rad_Pegged_21
Smith Banjo Bridge_Rad_Pegged_33
Smith Banjo Bridge_Rad_Pegged_41
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These "New Generation" bridges feature the classic Snuffy Smith design and materials.

Do you notice the little dots in the ebony cap?  These are pegs which hold the bridge cap onto the base securely and allow string vibrations to pass through the bridge without having to overcome a solid glue line at the topwood/framewood marriage. Very small glue dots are used between (but not under) string slots. Pegs reduce amount of glue used thus increasing energy transfer through the bridge.

Standard Features:

Frame Wood: Hard Rock Maple

Top Wood: Ebony

12" Radius

2,25 g

Standard Spacing


Height: .656


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