Schaller (D) GrandTune Mandolin: F-Style reverse, Gold/Ebony

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Special features

1:18 gear ratio supports precise and velvet- smooth tuning.
Hyper- accurate gear joints and fittings without polymer coatings present perfect stick-slip-performance and zero wear and slackening.
GrandTune® features permanently locked, sealed and covered screw joints for zero degradation and maintainance-free performance.
New formula bell brass gearwheels guarantee velvet-smooth feel and touch
Standard dimensions for easy installation.
Countersunk screw holes for solid fit and perfect sound coupling.


Reverse design

The worm gear ist below the cog/post, the cog/post is pushed out of the worm gear by the string tension.Schaller_Stellachse_post_for_solid_headstock_reverse
Technical specifications

Gear ratio: 1:18
Weight per baseplate (A+F-Style): 77 g (Perloid button), 78 g (Galalith, Ebony)

Scope of supply

8 press-in bushings round
10 mounting screws (M2,2 x 11)



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