Schertler (CH) Dyn-M P48 for Mandolin

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The DYN M P48 is a fully-balanced, active, dynamic contact microphone for mandolin. Includes padded bag and special adhesive putty.

SCHERTLER DYN P48 series contact microphones are high-end transducers designed for professional applications. Suitable for use on a variety of instruments in both live/amplified and studio environments, these fully-balanced, active, dynamic contact microphones can be safely applied to even the most valuable of instruments using the special adhesive putty provided. The microphones can be quickly transferred between instruments during performances or recording sessions. Once in place, their lightweight design makes them unobtrusive to the performer.

A balanced XLR connector enables direct connection to a microphone input on a mixing console, or a full range amplification system. (Note: these contact microphones require 22-48V phantom power, with the exception of the passive DYN UNI.) The torsion-resistant, Kevlar-reinforced cable is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while delivering best possible performance results.

SCHERTLER DYN P48 series microphones all feature built-in Class-A preamps and advanced filtering technology that enables each microphone to capture the best tonal qualities of the intended instrument.

Transducer type Electro-dynamic moving coil active contact microphone
Mechanical decoupling Butterworth 2nd order, Q = 0.6
Frequency Response (@ ±3dB) - filtered* 20 to 16 kHz
Sensitivity ca. -30 dBu
Dynamic range 139 dB
Output impedance (@ 1 kHz) 280 Ω
Operating voltage 22 - 48 VDC
Built in preamp Yes all Class-A
External preamp No
Contacts All hard gold plated 0.5 mm
For fixed installations No
Removable Yes
Connection XLR balanced
Cable Length 2.2 m



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