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Philip John Berthoud - Irish Fiddle Playing

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Irish Fiddle Playing (Book + Online Audio) A Guide for the Serious Player 99402M

The book is designed to make the personal aspects of traditional Irish fiddle playing, improvisation and interpretation, accessible to novice players. Drawing on his experience writing out reels, jigs and other tunes for new players at a North London session and teaching fiddle, the author conveys what to do with tunes to make them your own. The first part of the book discusses such subjects as the 'language' of traditional music, posture, bowing, and effective practice, with a detailed analysis of left and right hand technique. The second section is a selection of tunes that demonstrate the ideas in the first part. The aim of the book is to allow the player to look more closely at their technique while also improving accuracy and speed. A recording adds an extra dimension to the learning experience.


Arthur Darley's Jig
Eddie Kelly's Reel
Foxhunter's Reel
John Stenson's Reel
Julia Delaney
Louis' Reel
Off to California
Paddy's Trip to Scotland
Pat Tuohey's Reel
The Boys of Malin
The Bunch of Keys
The Butterfly
The Concrete Cow
The Connaughtman's Rambles
The Duke of Leinster
The Emerald Jig
The Hunter's Purse
The Mason's Apron
The Morning Dew
The Mountain Road
The Musical Priest (version 1)
The Musical Priest (version 2)
The Peacock's Feather
The Retiro Jig
The Roscommon Reel
The Ships in Full Sail



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